Mental Skills Coaching for Riders

In our Mental Skills Coaching sessions, you'll receive personalized guidance tailored specifically to your needs.

Whether you seek assistance with competition nerves, fear of galloping or riding. Or you want to enhance your mental strength, courage, and focus, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

To enroll in courses and coaching sessions, please email me at [email protected] or telephone +358 40 030 7493

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Welcome to Mind Riders Mental Coaching

Where we empower equestrians of all levels with effective mental coaching. Our programs are designed to help you understand how your thoughts, moods, and emotions impact your partnership with horses.

Discover newfound relaxation, confidence, and courage as you learn valuable techniques for managing emotions and adopting fresh perspectives. Enhance your skills and mindset for better communication and connection with your horse.

Acquire the tools to handle a wide range of emotions in diverse situations, tailored to the needs of different horses. Whether you're a recreational rider or a professional, Mind Riders Coaching equips you with the mental fortitude to thrive in the equestrian world.



Your ability to be fully present in the moment with your horse is crucial for effective communication and partnership. 


Experienced riders often rely on intuition and instinct to guide their decisions and actions. With practice and consentration you will learn to use your intuition as well. 

Calmness under pressure

Riding can be unpredictable and challenging, requiring riders to remain calm and composed in stressful situations. You will get good exercises, with will help you learn to calm your mind quickly.


Many successful riders use visualization techniques to mentally rehearse their rides and anticipate challenges. We practice this technique guidedly in Mind Riders training.

Connection and rapport

Building a strong connection and rapport with your horse is essential for effective communication and partnership. 


Riding requires courage to face fears, take risks, and push beyond comfort zones. 

Adventurous spirit

Many riders are drawn to the adventure and exploration that comes with riding in different environments and disciplines. Similarly, embracing a spirit of curiosity and exploration in your riding journey allows you to discover new avenues for growth and innovation. 


Mind Riders Supermind online course.

  1. Focus and Concentration: Riding requires intense focus to navigate safely through various environments. Maintaining concentration helps you produce high-quality mind as a rider.

  2. Adaptability: Riding often involves encountering unexpected situations and adapting quickly. 

  3. Creativity: As a rider you need to think creatively to overcome obstacles on the road, you'll need creativity to generate fear and anxiety quickly.

  4. Problem-Solving: Riding can present challenges that require quick problem-solving skills. You'll encounter obstacles such as mind block or technical issues that require innovative solutions with horses.

  5. Resilience: Riding can be physically and mentally demanding, requiring resilience to push through tough times. In the horse world, you may face criticism or setbacks, so resilience is key to bouncing back and continuing to produce great riding.

  6. Risk Management: Riders must assess risks and make decisions quickly to ensure their safety. Similarly, in riding, you'll need to evaluate the potential risks and benefits of different approaches to effectively communicate with your horse.

  7. Attention to Detail: Riding demands attention to detail for safety reasons, and to get good communication with the horse.

  8. Empathy and Understanding: Understanding your horse's behavior and needs is crucial for effective riding, just as understanding your own preferences and concerns is essential for creating compelling cooperat.on with your horse.

  9. Patience: Riding and working with the horse both require patience and perseverance to achieve mastery and success over time.

  10. Continuous Learning: Finally, both riding and understanding your horse are fields where there's always something new to learn. Cultivating a mindset of continuous learning will help you stay ahead in both areas.

By honing these mental skills, you can excel both as a rider and as a horse handler crafting content for your success.These skills you will learn in the Mind Riders Supermind schooling.

Mind Riders Supermind Training

Aimed at:

Equipping riders with strong mental skills, enabling them to maintain focus and composure, manage fear and stress, and uphold a positive attitude even in challenging situations.

We set realistic goals and guide you through their implementation. By visualizing successful performances, you enhance collaboration with your horse, leading to improved results.

Three-month personalized assistance.

4 personalized mental coaching sessions via Zoom, brief messages via WhatsApp, and analysis of sent videos through WhatsApp. Additionally, you'll gain access to a 6-part online course where you'll learn about brain function, enhance self-awareness, acquire techniques to calm a stressed or anxious mind, understand and change negative beliefs, receive valuable tips for improving resilience, and access instructional videos to refine your riding position.

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[email protected] or +358 400 307 493 

990€ + 24% vat 237,6

Short Mental Coaching for Riders Personal coaching

Over the phone or by zoom. Two approximately 45-minute calls.

The coaching topic will be tailored to your specific needs, whether it's overcoming fear of riding, managing competition nerves, or enhancing your own mental skills.

Additionally, you'll receive supplementary materials and a video lecture on YouTube, summarizing techniques for calming the mind and improving focus.

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or +358400307493 

250€ inc. vat 24% 


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Personal Coaching

Over the phone or by zoom. Approximately 45-minute calls.


70€ inc. vat 24% 

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[email protected] or +358400307493
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WhatsApp Remote Coaching for Riding

WhatsApp video coaching over the phone, where the rider wears wireless earphones for communication during the video call.

This requires a stable internet connection at the barn and a tripod or assistant to help with setting up obstacles if needed.

Tasks during the video coaching sessions will focus on foundational work and will be kept moderate.

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Price: 70€ per session,
approximately 45 minutes.



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"Strive for a perfect partnership with your horse by developing great mental capabilities. To ensure the well-being of the rider and the horse, it's important to invest in your mental skills and good riding ability."

Your Mental Coach

Suski Fagerström

Drawing from over 40 years of extensive experience in the equestrian world as a competitive rider, trainer, Master level riding instructor, and equine entrepreneur, Suski Fagerström is your trusted mentor. With a background in studying psychological coaching for over 30 years, Suski has cultivated a wealth of expertise.

The Mind Riders system is a culmination of Suski's teachings, which integrate her personal journey in riding, entrepreneurship, teaching, and life experiences, alongside the diverse skills acquired through various training programs. 

For many of us in the equestrian community, there is a constant need to evolve and adapt to new approaches in riding, teaching, and handling horses in this beloved sport. Join us on this transformative journey as we enhance our skills and embrace a fresh perspective.


My story

My journey in the equestrian world began in 1974 when my parents established a riding school, as I was six. Taking the reins in 1991, I steered the school forward until we eventually sold it in 2014. Over those four decades, Poni-Haka grew to become Finland's largest riding school institution, boasting 50 lesson horses, a team of 10 dedicated employees, and serving approximately 700 students weekly.

Formally trained as a riding teacher in 1987 and achieving Master Teacher status in 2001, my passion for equestrianism extended beyond competition. From 1976 to 1999, I navigated the heights of show jumping, competing internationally up to the 150 level. Alongside, I dedicated significant efforts to schooling young horses, nurturing their potential.

However, the journey was not without its challenges. Encountering moments of burnout, I realized the need for profound personal transformation. Embracing this, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, acquiring expertise as a Master Life Coach, Enneagram, and Mindfulness practitioner. Since 2014, I've been actively engaged in imparting knowledge through lectures and extensive coaching sessions within riding schools and stables, illuminating the intricate interplay between the human psyche and equine behavior.


In 2022, I established Mind Riders Coaches, a pioneering initiative aimed at equipping riding instructors with a deeper understanding of the human psyche's impact on equestrian pursuits. With nearly 90 participants already benefiting from the program's immersive curriculum, delivered through a combination of live Zoom sessions and self-paced video modules, the endeavor has been met with resounding success in Finland. Aspiring to extend this transformative concept globally, I envision offering similar programs in English in the near future.

My experiences have led me to a profound realization: effective horsemanship transcends mere technique; it hinges on fostering profound connections between humans and horses. Despite stepping away from riding and horse ownership presently, I continue to channel my expertise into what I term "human whispering," guiding riders through emotional barriers and facilitating profound partnerships with their equine companions.

Beyond individual coaching, I've also extended support to riding schools, fostering harmonious work environments where employees engage with horses and clients alike with tranquility and positivity. Witnessing the transformative impact of these initiatives reaffirms my commitment to enriching the equestrian community through holistic approaches to horsemanship and human development.

Susann's Education and Experience

  • 2014- 2024 Entrepreneur, Mind Riders - Suski Fagerström, providing equestrian coaching, lectures, and courses across Finland 
  • 2020 Proessional degree in Business Administration,
  • 2019 EIF Enneagram Coach,
  • 2019 Professional Diploma in Digital Product Design,
  • 2018 MB Top-Life Coach,
  • 2017 Mindfulness Work Supervisor coach,
  • 2015 MB Master Life Coach,
  • 2011 MB Life Coach,
  • 2004 Entrepreneurship Diploma,
  • 1991-2014 CEO of Pony-Haka Riding School Ltd.,
  • 2005 Entrepreneur of the Year in Vantaa,
  • 2000 - 2004 Riding Coach of the Finish Pony Show Jumping Team ,  
  • 2001 Graduation as Master Riding Teacher,
  • 1999 Finn Derby Victory,
  • 1996-97 Business Training at Helsinki School of Economics,
  • 1996  A-Level Coach Training (currently Level II coach) specializing in psychology of athlete
  • 1989 - 1991 Instructor in the Riding Training Program at Ypäjä Equine College,
  • 1987 Graduation as Riding Teacher,  
  • 1976 - 1999 Competitive Rider in show-jumping, 

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